Parcours animés


These classes were started in 2002 from a cultural initiative by the city council focused on primary schools in the area. CITIA was entrusted with the operational set up.

The principle of the course

To give teachers the opportunity to develop a learning experience in their classes to eventually make a digital animation film on a subject of their choice.

Various resources are available to help them with the writing of the screenplay and the content of the film: the interactive DVD AnimAnum website and a visit to the Musée du film d’animation.

The school kids then receive supervision from an industry professional, either in CITIA's specially equipped multimedia classrooms for a one-week filmmaking course or at their schools, for a one-week course in stop-motion animation film making. The course, hosted by the professional and supervised by the class teacher, allows the kids to work on the digitisation, animation, sound and editing of their project.

Finally, meetings are set up with a professional director during the Annecy Festival, and the films are screened in a special session just before the Festival.


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