Anima-J is part of the overall education policy developed by CITIA giving school children from the Department the opportunity to relive the highlights of the Annecy Festival, at screenings of films chosen by a panel of teachers.

For four weeks in June, over 10,000 children, from 3rd year kindergarten to secondary school, attend screenings of shorts of the official selection in competition from the Annecy Festival.

This is a great opportunity for this young audience to discover films that are intended for them, acquire a taste for this means of expression and perhaps even make them want to follow a creative path later on.

In partnership with the Haute-Savoie Departmental Council’s Cultural Affairs Directorate, the National Education’s departmental services' directorate, and the Haute-Savoie cinema theatres.

Anima-J has taken place from Tuesday 11th June to Friday 5th July 2019.

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