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One of our main priorities is education and training courses in the moving image. CITIA co-organises or supports 6 superior training courses of excellence, that gather together more than 200 students. They are supplemented with 6 other training courses and schools in the Annecy region related to the image and creative industries. Some of these training courses are located at the Papeteries – Image Factory, in close proximity to the industry’s businesses.

3D Character Animator – GOBELINS, l’école de l’image – CITIA

Public: student or professional/international public

Aims: supervised by professionals who work in major 3D animation studios, the programme is based on practical exercises to develop mastering stage set-up, movement and the actor’s performance.
Other elements in the programme include conferences held by international experts covering animation and the video games market, individual production of a demo tape and a traineeship, followed by drafting up a brief.

Opportunities: 3D Animator. Evolution to positions of responsibility such as 3D Animation Supervisor or 3D Animation Director.

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Bachelor Gobelins Interactive Designer and Developer – In Alternance – GOBELINS, l’école de l’image – CCI Formation


Aims: this unique course affiliates developers with strong technical and creative potential, with designers possessing strong personal and graphical universes, and exceptional knowledge in interactive conception. Both profiles collaborate to conceive web and mobile projects with added expertise and technical value.

Opportunities: Digital Graphic Artist/Junior Artistic Director for the web, supports for mobiles and interactive installations; Multi-supports Developer (front/back end) (web, smartphones, tablets, etc.), Developer of connected objects and features (sensors, Arduino, etc.); Applications and Interactive Installations Designer, Motion Graphic Designer, etc.

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Cycle 2 Gobelins Interactive Innovation Design and Management – In alternation – GOBELINS, l’école de l’image – CCI Formation


Aims: this two year course (Master’s degree) is aimed at graphic and interactive designers, and developers interested in creating new products, contents or digital services. From the prospective to seeking creative ideas, from the conception of usage scenarios to prototype production, pilotage and managing resources and partners, to promotion and project diffusion, you will be ready to launch into digital innovation.

Opportunities: Artistic Director for the web, mobile supports, interactive installations; Design Manager, UX Designer, UI & Motion Designer; Head Technician; Lead Designer, Project Manager, Digital Consultant, Head of Innovation.

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Master Digital Communication Strategy – IAE Université Savoie Mont Blanc – CCI Formation


Aims: this course is in partnership with Annecy IAE, and teaches digital strategy to generate a genuine additional business, advantages in client knowledge and data exploitation, as well as increasing notoriety, visibility and communication tools.

Opportunities: Digital Project Manager, Digital Creative Writer, Reference Specialist, Brand Content Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist.

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License Multi-Support IT Developer – IUT Université Savoie Mont Blanc – CCI Formation


Aims: this course is in partnership with Annecy IUT and is targeted at multimedia development enthusiasts (connected objects, tablets and smartphones, web technology, etc.). It fulfills a strong need from businesses by informing qualified developers on fast technological evolutions.

Opportunities: Multimedia Developer (front/back office), Online Applications Developer (multiple platforms), Web Developer, Mobile Developer (Swift and Android), Technical Director.

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Degree Musical Studies – Conservatory Annecy Pays de Savoie Region

Aims: this course enables students to understand the relationships between music/sound/image, encouraging the emergence of creative talents and supporting their training. Ultimately they have an aptitude for working in production, as well as on artistic and industrial projects needing development whilst keeping to a defined set of specifications and matching sound sources with images.

Opportunities: Composer – Professions in musical productions and creations with imagery.

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Discover the other training courses and schools related to the image and creative industries’ sector.

Discover the other training courses

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Animation Education

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Find out how CITIA supports education and image training projects >>> more info

Parcours animés

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Musée du film d’animation

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