Organisation Chart

There is a staff of over 35 full-time employees working in the different CITIA departments as well as an artistic director for the Festival. This core team is enhanced by many temps and interns during the preparatory periods before the main events. During the Annecy Animation Film Festival and Market, the number rises to around a hundred salaried staff, interns and over 300 volunteers who work on the organisational team.

The full-time staff are divided between different departments:

  • Administration - Finance
  • Management


Project Departments:

  • Economic Development
  • Education using images
  • Films & Programme Planning
  • Training
  • Forum Blanc & Professional Meetings
  • Mifa


Support Departments:

  • Hospitality
  • Communications, Marketing & Media Relations
  • Logistics
  • Media Relations
  • Private Partners
  • Publications
  • Information Systems


Administration & Finance



Films & Programme Planning


International Representatives

Economic Development

Professional Meetings

Private Partnerships

Communication, Marketing & Media Partnerships

Media Relations


Information Systems


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