Support platform for innovative projects – Archive

CITIA created this support platform, financed by the Savoie region Assembly, in 2012.

Objective: to help one or more projects move from the concept and experimental to pre-industrial stage.

This recurrent support initiative involves a network of experts and industry professionals that encourages an ecosystem conducive to innovation.

Each year, one or more projects originating predominantly from graduation course work, but also from independents or structures working on innovative emerging projects, are assisted with funds to help them get off the ground.


Projects funded in 2016

  • LILM / B to C online platform that selects craftspeople working in art, furniture, decoration, jewellery and accessories and proposes unique, small series or made-to-measure items for sale.
    Allotted funds: 12,000 €
  • The Local Bird / Platform organising made-to-measure trips to the Alps, based on a local community of enthusiasts called the Insiders.
    Allotted funds: 12,000 €
  • Octopus by Joy / A connected watch that helps young children learn good habits and the notion of time.
    Founder: Sam Hickmann
    Allotted funds: 4,000 €


Projects assisted in 2015

  • Copines de Voyage / First website bringing women together through travel and trips specifically designed for them.
    Company: Copines de Voyages
    Founders: Julia Bertret and Alix Gauthier
    Allotted funds: 18,000 €
  • Mon gîte en ligne / Allowing hosts to make their own functional and lasting website to promote their accommodation and keep in contact with their visitors.
    Company: Hôtentic
    Founders: Saara Lougrat-Vilain and Jean-Baptiste Vilain
    Allotted funds: 10,000 €


Projects assisted in 2014

  • Chipee / Online service
    Thibaut Leporé et Matthieu Thiévent
    Allotted funds: 18,000 €
  • Environmental Picture / Web Solution
    Florent Blondin
    Allotted funds: 10,000 €


Project assisted in 2013

  • Bocalènco ‒ L’application des circuits courts / Application
    Margot Nadot, Louis Beltramo, Simon Villiot


Projects assisted in 2012

  • Annecy et son lac : un rêve de vacances / interactive audiovisual project / Gilles Reboux
  • Dugeon City / multi-platform game / Hyperfiction

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