Funding Assistance

Fonds d'aide

Funding assistance for digital audiovisual animation creation was set up by the Haute-Savoie Departmental Council in 2006, with the support of CNC. It aims to encourage the production of projects in the area. CITIA was entrusted with the operational monitoring and implementation of the project.

Objective: to contribute to the cultural influence of the art form.

Since 2017, a funding assistance of 300,000€ has been set aside for producers of animated TV series or specials and project developers. To qualify, productions must be created, using technical and/or human means totally or partly in Haute-Savoie.

Projects funded in 2019
Kid Lucky
Production company: Dargaud Media / Allotted funds: 125 000 €
Les blagues de Toto
Production company: Superprod Animation /Allotted funds: 50 000 €
Disco Dragon
Production company: Mondo TV France / Allotted funds: 85 000 €
Les cahiers d’Esther
Production company: Folimage / Allotted funds: 40 000 €

Projects funded in 2018
Production company: Cottonwood Media / Allotted funds: 75.000 €
La Cabane à histoires (saison 3)
Production company: Dandeloo, Caribara / Allotted funds: 85.000 €
Zoé et Milo
Production company: PM SA / Allotted funds: 90.000 €
1001 Moyen-âges
Production company: Les Films Jack Fébus / Allotted funds: 50.000 €

Projects funded in 2017
Production company: Xilam Animation / Allotted funds: 80,000 €
La Cabane à histoires (saison 2)
Production company: Dandeloo / Allotted funds: 100,000 €
Production company: Superprod / Allotted funds: 50 000 €
MIck Le Mini Chef
Production company: Studio Redfrog / Allotted funds: 70 000 €

Projects funded in 2016
The Treehouse Stories
Production company: Dandeloo / Allotted funds: 105,000 €
Studio: Caribara Production
Ollie & Moon
Production company: Cottonwood Media / Allotted funds: 60,000 €
Max & Maestro
Production company: Monello Productions / Allotted funds: 60,000 €
Studio: MP1

Projects assisted in 2015
Production company: Everybody On Deck / Funds allotted: 120 K€
Studio: Caribara Annecy
Zig & Sharko (season 2)
Production company: Xilam / Funds allotted: 45 K€
Studio: Caribara Annecy
Urbance (transmedia project)
Production company: Denis Friedman Productions / Funds allotted: 60 K€
Studio: Spacesheep

Projects assisted in 2014
Hubert & Takako (season 2)
Producer: Xilam Animation / Allotted funds: 150 K€
Studio: Caribara Annecy

Projects assisted in 2013
Producer: Je Suis Bien Content / Broadcaster: Disney Channel
Allotted funds: 125 K€ / Studio: Caribara Annecy
Garfield 4
Producer: Dargaud Media / Broadcaster: France 3
Allotted funds: 60 K€ / Studio: In The Box
En sortant de l’école
Producer: Tant mieux Prod / Broadcaster: France TV
Allotted funds: 40 K€ / Studio: Caribara Annecy

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